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Guided Tour - Round and Round Iso-Syöte - Finland

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Finland - Syöte

Approximately 4 hours / 23 km / 600 Hm

105e/person minimum 2 person /departure
Join an existing trip with your own bike for only 25e/ person
Level: Easy to medium

Beautiful, curvy trails with a surface that makes the bike run really smoothly. Gravel has been spread on the bumpy parts of the trails in order to make it beginner-friendly. It may be easy but it's also a lot of fun with true flow trails. Along the trail there are some duckboards, eg wooden planks that make crossing the wetlands possible. They may sound scary, but you'll ride them like a pro with our tips! This is also great as a recovery ride for more experienced riders.

Pytkynharju ridge is one of the most beautiful places in Syöte and riding along it is blissful. You see the surrounding hills, numerous little lakes, wetlands and forests from above. Great for photos!
Kellarinlampi lake side lean-to (laavu) is a serene half-way spot to stop and have some snacks around a campfire.

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