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KTM e-fatbike

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High quality Fatbikes manufactured by KTM. Bikes are equipped with the latest BOSCH electric assist technology and a large 500Wh battery that allows you to ride up to 100km with one charge. The journey depends on the level of assistance used, the terrain and the weight of the cyclist.

We can deliver your bike to your home address, or to hotels in Seinäjoki, if you wish, or you can pick it up at an agreed time.

e-Fatbike is ideal for moving around in the wild regardless of your fitness level. The wheel has 11 gears and four different levels for electric assistance. We will guide you when you hand over the wheel.

Frame: n/a

Fork: n/a

Drivetrain: n/a

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Wheelset: n/a

Accessories: n/a

Additional rental information: bikes are with 19 ” frame and are best suited for 165-195cm riders